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Open House Success Tips

OPEN HOUSE SUCCESSOne of the first things you do after signing a listing agreement with a Real Estate agent is schedule an open house. You want as many eyes on it as possible and as much foot traffic as possible within the first couple of weeks. 

It's the newest thing on the market and people want to see it! Some are so busy they don't have time to make an appointment so open houses are an amazing thing for just about everyone looking for a new home to buy. Remember, you need to be very flexible and keep in mind the goal you have which is to SELL YOUR HOME.
There are a few things you as a homeowner can do to ensure the open house is a success.
MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION. Before you even schedule an open house you need to make sure the home has nice curb appeal. Trim the bushes, replace mulch, make sure everything is edged, the lawn is mowed, replace the mailbox if necessary, power wash the house, driveway and entry ways, touch up the paint, replace garage door, pl…