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Home Paint Maintenance

Home Paint Maintenance Paint maintenance is no different than roof, landscape, pool or asphalt maintenance. A good plan requires periodic inspections, timely and proper surface preparation and repair in addition to quality paint applied at recommended intervals by a knowledgeable professional. Here are some areas that should fit in a good paint maintenance plan: Surface Preparation. Properly prepared surfaces will resist the wood rot common to the cool, damp climates. If the wood fence, trim or siding gives easily to finger pressure, the wood is rotten beneath the existing paint and should be replaced prior to painting. When replacing rotted trim and siding, inspect for dry-rot in the underlayment, studs or joists by probing with a screw driver. If the wood is soft, additional repairs will be necessary to stop the dry rot from spreading. DO NOT cover it up with new siding or paint. Dry rot is a wood cancer that grows best in dark, wet environments. Only use knowledgeable co…